Hi from PsychKick!

We are PsychKick, an IT Solutions Company focused on developing technological assistance to psychotherapy. We are developing an app as the digital solution for psychotherapy. A lot of people asked us – why psychotherapy? Why mental health?

There is a big impression that mental healthcare is a tough industry to enter – and it is. But, it doesn’t outweigh our passion for change for individuals battling mental conditions. I know it all too well as I have been struggling with Major Depressive Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder since I was about 9 years old.

It was some tough childhood, but the hardest part wasn’t that I’d cry at night without knowing why, or that at times I’d feel so horrible I’d slit my wrist. It was hardest because I was fighting it alone, and I had no way of getting help until I was about 17. That’s a whopping 8 years of fighting by myself!

It’s a harsh life, and that is the very reason why we started PsychKick. Every hero needs a sidekick – that’s us!

That’s my personal story, and here’s to start PsychKick’s very own. Will you be joining us in our journey?