Social Anxiety - Is it just feeling anxious?

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Everybody feels anxious once in a while. But is it the same as Social Anxiety?

Not really. Anxiety Disorders is when feelings of anxiety stays and lingers for a long time. At least, 6 months in fact. Imagine feeling on your toes all the time. That is Anxiety Disorder. Social Anxiety Disorder, however, is even more uncomfortable. Being around people aggravates this disorder even more and you will sweat, fidget and get crazy heart palpitations.

It sounds even less like your usual anxiety now, right? Social anxiety is more than the feeling of anxiety, it’s also the physical symptoms that you can’t control. It takes a lot of therapy and sometimes tranquillisers to manage the symptoms so that one is able to do their daily tasks. Even in therapy, it takes a minimum of 12 sessions to feel significant effect! Talk about a whole lot of work. (Find out how we try and make it easier, better, faster!)

Individuals batting Social Anxiety though, however anxious they get, still get by their day and fight this illness! Feeling  severe anxiety and yet still choosing to take the step forward – how much more heroic can it get?

Here’s to all our SA Heroes – huge applause for you for still holding on and still fighting on. Don’t worry, it gets easier now you have hero support!

Every Hero Needs A Sidekick, that’s us! Now here’s a quest for you. Social Anxiety Disorder is a common mental illness that may be affecting someone you know. Can you spot a hero and give support?

Giving support doesn’t have to be tough acts of love, or tears or any of that intense stuff. Some heroes are just people who’ve been fighting so strong for too long, and needs a reminder that someone is there for them to lean on. Be the sidekick that makes a difference for someone special.