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YSE Study Trip on Social Enterprise

The PsychKick Team has been very honoured to learn more about the social enterprise scene in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We’ve seen great challenges, huge achievements and tremendous hope in our trip, kindly sponsored by the Young Social Entrepreneurs Programme (YSE) from Singapore International Foundation(SIF). The annual programme brings youth social entrepreneurs from all over the world to nurture and guide new ideas into business ventures. PsychKick is in the top 16 teams for this year’s batch, yay! Throughout the trip, we visited more

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Social Anxiety - Is it just feeling anxious?

Everybody feels anxious once in a while. But is it the same as Social Anxiety? Not really. Anxiety Disorders is when feelings of anxiety stays and lingers for a long time. At least, 6 months in fact. Imagine feeling on your toes all the time. That is Anxiety Disorder. Social Anxiety Disorder, however, is even more uncomfortable. Being around people aggravates this disorder even more and you will sweat, fidget and get crazy heart palpitations. It sounds even less like your usual anxiety now, right? Social

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Hi from PsychKick!

We are PsychKick, an IT Solutions Company focused on developing technological assistance to psychotherapy. We are developing an app as the digital solution for psychotherapy. A lot of people asked us – why psychotherapy? Why mental health? There is a big impression that mental healthcare is a tough industry to enter – and it is. But, it doesn’t outweigh our passion for change for individuals battling mental conditions. I know it all too well as I have been struggling with Major Depressive Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder

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